Painless Delivery


Painless Delivery

Labor pain is often considered as one of the most severe pains one could ever have. However, with the advancement in medical sciences and technological interventions, now you can have a painless delivery through epidural under the close guidance of an experienced gynecologist. The choice of having a painless delivery completely depends upon the woman and is not a pre-requisite for delivery.

What is an epidural?

Epidural is a process in which local anesthesia is given in the lower back around the spinal nerves of your body. It is processed through an epidural catheter, which is the size of the thread and is passed into your back. Drugs are injected through this tube that gives instant relief from the labor pain. Although you will feel the contractions, the drugs will numb the nerves and block the pain sensations. You can easily move your body and push the baby out without feeling the pain.

Why should you have an epidural?

  • You will get relief from the severe pain of labor.
  • You can remain focused and relaxed during the entire delivery process as the discomfort reduces considerably.
  • It helps you deal with the stress of labor pain and cope up with the long labor hours.

Who is suitable to have an epidural?

  • Women who prefer a painless delivery can take the epidural. The only limitation is you should have normal blood test reports and other medical requirements needed for epidural intake. It is suitable for-
  • Women who have prolonged hours of labor which is causing stress to the mother and the baby inside the womb.
  • Women who are trying to have a normal vaginal delivery after cesarean delivery.
  • Women who have certain medical conditions related to the heart or preeclampsia.

Who is not suitable for the epidural?

Women with following medical conditions are not advised not to go for epidural-

  • Bleeding disorders
  • Have had lower back surgery
  • Neurological disorders

How is painless delivery done?

The painless delivery is initiated by giving the epidural. You will be given local anesthesia at your back close to the spinal nerve. The anesthesiologist will put the epidural, a small tube into your back nerves. Through this tube, pain-relieving drugs are given continuously. The doctors will make sure that the epidural is working well to ensure a painless delivery. Your blood pressure will be monitored after regular intervals. At the same time, the baby’s heart rate will also be monitored. You will get the contractions on the onset of labor and will be able to push but not feel the pain that occurs throughout the process of normal vaginal delivery.

Effectiveness of epidural

Epidural is a highly effective way of overcoming labor pain. There will be a significant reduction of discomfort that you will get during the delivery. You will feel the symptoms like pressure and contractions slightly, which are bearable. However, a stronger dose of epidural will overcome such uneasiness as well.

What are the other ways of pain relief in labor?

Other than an epidural, certain medications help to get relief from the pain. These are-

  • Intravenous opioids - These are very strong pain killers but have significant side effects as well, like drowsiness.
  • Entonox - It is a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, which, when inhaled deeply, gives relief during early labor.

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